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I could not possibly write a more fervent and heartfelt recommendation for a catering service than I do for Lesgo. They are so wonderful that having them do the food for my wedding was not like having a catering service, it was like suddenly discovering you have a part of your OWN family who are gourmet cooks, impeccably organized, who covered not only EVERYTHING to get the entire affair done in terms of food, set up, cooking, warm and perfect service, a cleanup that left the place cleaner than it was BEFORE they came...they MADE the wedding. 

Since it's about food, I'll talk about the food. The food was delicious, fantastic. There is just nothing they don't do superbly. One friend emailed me about "those kabobs...great mouthfuls of steak without the guilt of a steak..." or the lobster and cucumber hor de hourves, the gorgeous salads, extraordinary main courses of seafood and poultry and an eggplant rollatini that was pronounced the best ever tasted by people who were part Italian. I could go on but all I can say is, these people can cook. They are wonderful. 

What I really have to talk about is the service. Suppose you had the greatest food in the world, which they do, and you had no idea that you would be dealing with a family and extended group who were warm, supportive, fun, and bought an energy and care to the event that could be described in no other way than to say they were like part of the family? My brother said, "Most caterers go through a checklist of what the client wants and knock it off. They were in the kitchen and got into a big family discussion when Leslye took out the (beautiful romantic and delicate...and usually think these things look like Halloween ornaments...) bride and groom statutes.." I had started out my wedding planning as a daughter who wanted to keep things as low budget as possible. My father sent back the first menu and wrote, "Get twice as much food! And get a wedding cake!" So Leslye had laughed, "They waited years for this and they're going to make sure you have a wedding!" So to resume, my brother Ed reported to me afterward that the Lesgo group had debated, "She said no bride and groom!" and Leslye had plunked it on the cake, declaring, "She's getting a bride and groom!" We loved it and my sister is saving it for her daughter's wedding. I am trying to say these people CARED and we felt that. We had a wedding overlooking the bayou and just one of the little surprises they did of their own volition was a pair of goldfish swimming in a bowl next to the gazpacho, serviche, cheese and fruit plate, and other starters on the table. Did they KNOW my husband and I met in a swimming pool and were both Pisces? No. But....they were just magic. 

We love Lesgo......we will never forget them. The food for the wedding? It was perfect, delicious. But those people....they're all heart. We feel like we made friends and we can't tell you enough to say how wonderful they are. When I think of my wedding, I think of them as part of the family, because they were like that.

Marianne Macy 

We are so indebted to you and your staff for the way they accepted a rather difficult situation. While we discussed every scenario in our many conversations, I don’t think we anticipated the wind. At least I didn’t. By the time we realized we had a problem it was to late to get the tent, (which I didn’t want in the first place.) 

You accepted the move from outside to the conference room with ease and being the professional you are, carried everything off without missing a beat.

We heard nothing but praises for the food, service and of course the display. Our guest, were delighted with your selection of food and beverage. The service you and your staff provided were impeccable and all of our attendees were impressed with the personal attention. You are truly a “personal chef business.”

Howard and I will always think of you and your staff with fond memories of our special day. We look forward to requesting you for business and personal functions in the future. 

Respectfully Yours,
Judy O. Brockett, Owner
Emerald Coast Virtual Services

Thank you for the fantastic work you did at our Pastor’s Appreciation Banquet. The food was great and the service was even better! The presentation, the service and your kindness was complimented by our church family and guests. It was a lot more than we expected!!!

God Bless,
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
Crestview, Florida

Thank you all so much for everything. The wedding turned out wonderful. It was so nice working with you guys. We love being married and the ceremony and reception was such a nice and beautiful way to start it all out.

Thanks again,
Dara and Alvin Sanders

I wanted to send out a BIG “Thank You” to you and your family for doing such a great job at making our event last night a success.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Andrea Rymer
University of West Florida Emerald Coast